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DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL SERVICES, INC., A Mobile Ultrasound & Health Educational Corporation, consists of highly trained Board Certified Physicians, Registered Technologists & Nurses, and State-Of-The-Art medical equipment. The following Medical Services are provided: 


Diagnostic Medical Services, Inc.  was founded on the principle that preventative medical testing can save lives.  Established in 1981, Diagnostic Medical Services, Inc.  pioneered not only preventative diagnostic medical testing, but also the belief that Health Risk Seminars and Health & Lifestyle Expos are essential in educating individuals on how Heart Disease, Cancer & Stroke can be Early Detected and in many cases Prevented.

Lifestyle Enterprises, the educational division of Diagnostic Medical Services, Inc. provides Health Risk Seminars and Health Expos AT NO CHARGE to Corporations, Associations, and Unions.  These programs are provided by healthcare professionals who have a passion for preventative medicine.

Preventative medical testing can save your life and ultrasound is one of the leading technologies within the radiology field.  Ultrasound can identify the early signs of cancer, stroke, heart and liver disease, plaque build up in the arteries and a myriad of other potentially lethal and non-lethal physical maladies.

The Health Risk Assessment Testing is necessity if you have a family history of serious illness. You need to be aggressive in establishing an on-going review of your medical history to identify the early indicators of potentially fatal diseases.


The healthcare professionals with Diagnostic Medical Services, Inc.  delivered one of the first Mobile Carotid & Echocardiography Ultrasound services to Hospitals and Clinics throughout Southern California, Nevada & Arizona.
These ultrasound studies are ordered by physicians  for patients who are symptomatic.  Many of these patients have already  experienced  a cardiac or cerebro-vascular incident before the Carotid Color Flow Scan or the 2-D Echocardiogram Scan or vascular ultrasound was ordered. 
It was apparent that these painless, accurate, non-invasive tests needed to be provided as a "Preventative Program" directly to individuals before a catastrophic health emergency occurred in a non-threatening environment at a reasonable cost.....

Diagnostic Medical Services, Inc. decided to offer 'HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT SERVICES'  FOR THE EARLY DETECTION OF HEART DISEASE, CANCER & STROKE directly to individuals at a fraction of the price charged at hospitals & clinics.

Diagnostic Medical Services, Inc. provided the first Health Risk Assessment Service for the Early Detection of Heart Attack & Stroke in Laguna Hills, California in a Community Center in 1981.  The program was overwhelmingly successful and caught the attention of CNN News, Good Morning LA and other news programs....
Since that time, Diagnostic Medical Services, Inc. has provided Health Risk Assessment Services to Fortune 500 Corporations, Unions, Fraternal Organizations  and to thousands of individuals in various communities.
Utilizing State-Of-The -Art  Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanners, Diagnostic Medical Services, Inc. can detect your risk for Stroke, Heart Disease  and other life threatening conditions... conditions that are often  without symptoms until a medical emergency occurs.
Registered Ultrasound Technologists conduct your Health Risk Assessment and local board-certified radiologists  review your results. Results are fast, accurate and are delivered to you within fourteen business days.
They include the valuable numeric measurements and images taken from your Health Risk Assessment - information that aids in physician monitoring and the establishment of health baselines. If you’re over 40 and have not taken control of your health, schedule your Health Risk Assessment today.
To Schedule Your Health Risk Assessment Call:
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